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Swim with the Dolphins
in the Florida Keys!

Structured Dolphin Swim
and Non-Structured
Dolphin Swims in Florida

Structured Dolphin Swims:
Swim with the Dolphins in an
Up front and personal dolphin
experience. A One on One Swim
with curious Bottle Nose dolphins.

Swim, Dance, Kiss, Dorsal tow, and
foot push with these friendly dolphins.
Flotation vests will be worn at all times.

In this program, you will join an educational
briefing about the dolphins and their environment,
followed by an intimate dolphin experience approximately
30 minutes in length. You should expect to spend about two hours from start to finish on the structured Dolphin Swim tour.

The type of contact and interaction depends on the trainer and the dolphins. This is a great program for those individuals seeking guaranteed contact with the Bottle Nose dolphins.

This program is offered throughout the year, seven days a week. Book in advance, limited space is available on these tours to insure better contact with dolphins. Groups are welcome!

In this swim, contact is guaranteed with the dolphins. It is not a snorkeling program, and participants should be good swimmers and comfortable in deep water over their heads.

Anyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Pregnant women are not allowed in the water.

Entry to Dolphins Facility:
Up front and personal dolphin experience
One on One Swim with dolphins
Dance, Kiss Dorsal tow & foot push with Bottle Nose Dolphins

*Dolphin Contact is Guaranteed.
*Swimmers must be 7yrs+ and comfortable in the water.

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Non-Structured or Open Dolphin Swimming:
We now offer an non-structured swim. The non-structured swim takes place daily, 7 days a week. During these sessions, we allow a limited number of snorkelers into the water with the dolphins. This program is not designed for non-swimmers.

Participants need to be comfortable in deep water over their heads and have prior use of mask, fins and snorkel. Being able to swim and dive underwater is always a plus.

Floatation devices cannot be used. Since the dolphins in these sessions are not trained, nor doing behaviours in exchange for food, contact cannot be guaranteed. The dolphins set the pace, and contact is up to them. You should plan on spending at least two hours with us.

The program begins with a one hour educational briefing about dolphins. Topics include information on natural history, anatomy, physiology, sonar and echolocation. The briefing also covers information on how swimmers should conduct themselves in the water and also helpful hints on initiating play with the dolphins.

Call our UK office on 0844 247 3483 for reservations and booking information.

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